‘Are You Well?’ Dublin Fringe Festival 2019

Join Ireland’s only unqualified and unemployed Irish teacher at this year’s Dublin Fringe Festival. ‘Are You Well?’ will focus on answering this question, not only in the Irish language but also in an Irish context. As noted, audience members can expect to learn very little Irish in this ill prepared guerrilla Irish lesson.

Show dates: September 16th – 21st (times for shows vary, please refer to poster or Dublin Fringe website)

Tickets available on Dublin Fringe Website here

‘Grá & Eagla: The love and fear of speaking a second language’

‘Grá & Eagla’ the award winning documentary has received huge international success and will screen as part of the Mother Tongues Arts Festival, Galway and Dublin this coming Spring. The documentary follows Áine Gallagher as she prepares to perform bilingual comedy at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. As the story unfolds, we see the doubt and insecurity experienced and sheds fresh insight on what being an Irish speaker means in modern Ireland.

Events will include panel discussions and insights from people with experience of speaking English and other languages as a second language. Ultimately, it is aimed that audiences can learn about the common experiences of learning languages, and leave feeling encouraged and confident to learn their own second language.

See here for event information.

A Good Year

2018 has been such a fantastic year! Thanks to everyone who I’ve worked with and who’s supported me. If I even try to start mentioning people it will be impossible. But main thing is, let’s keep supporting each other in 2019 and beyond…here’s to a bright and positive future.

What is it like speaking Irish as a second language?

This Ted x talk describes the experience of trying to learn and immerse yourself in the Irish language. It shares relatable insights for anyone with experience of learning a second language. The main point is, we’ll never reach ‘perfection’, because it is a concept that doesn’t exist. Or we at least need to change our perception of what ‘perfection’ is. Therefore, if you want to speak Irish, English, Mandarin, French etc, just do it and forget about the embarrassment. We all feel the same and we can gain so much from challenging ourselves.

‘Tá Gaeilge Agat’ An event to share encouraging stories about speaking Irish

‘Tá Gaeilge Agat’ is for anyone who has ever said to themselves, ‘I wish I could speak Irish’. The fact is, you can speak Irish, but sometimes you need a bit of extra encouragement. This evening will see a number of people share their personal stories of how they have found a way to use Irish in their everyday lives. Entertainment will include a screening of the award winning documentary ‘Grá & Eagla’ plus guest speakers Gearóidín McEvoy and Osgúr Ó Ciaraidh.

The aim is that people will leave enthused, knowing that they are not alone, that they can speak Irish and sometimes you just need a little push.

‘Tá Gaeilge Agat’ November 21st, Workman’s Club Dublin, doors 7.30pm. Tickets available on Eventbrite.

‘Making Sense’ at Dublin Fringe Festival 2018

Áine Gallagher will perform her acclaimed solo comedy show ‘Making Sense’ at this year’s Dublin Fringe Festival. Áine is coming fresh from her second solo run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival where she received rave reviews. You will not want to miss this masterpiece of socially awkward and witty humour from the comedian who is ‘destined for great things’ according to Alison Spittle, and one of Phil Jupitus’ favourite Irish comedians.

Show runs from September 10th to 14th at 6.45pm, with an extra show on September 15th at 1pm.

Buy tickets here. 

Funny Women ★★★★

Edinburgh Fringe 2018…here it goes!

Don’t miss Áine Gallagher’s second solo Edinburgh Fringe show, ‘Are You Well?’ A show about feelings, maths and how to express ourselves effectively using graphs.

Show runs everyday from August 4th to 26th, 2.30pm Banshee Labyrinth.

Free, no advance booking required.


Are You Well? Edinburgh preview dates announced

Áine Gallagher has announced the preview dates for her new Edinburgh solo show ‘Are You Well?’ This show will share stories of Áine’s latest encounters on public transport and aims to provide insight in how to live happily and reduce the stress experienced when trying to understand graphs. Fans of deadpan comedy will love it. Other people should like some of it.

Dates include;

July 16th 7pm, The Workman’s Club Dublin

July 18th 7pm, The Black Gate, Galway

July 30th 7pm, The Workman’s Club Dublin

Tickets are free

Funny Women ‘Time of the Month’

Áine Gallagher is delighted to announce that she will be resident MC for Funny Women Ireland. Funny Women began in the UK over ten years ago, aiming to support and empower women to do stand up comedy. It is now very exciting that Ireland will have it’s own branch and nationwide ‘Time of the Month’ events. These include workshops and live events where support is offered to those with an interest to begin performing stand up comedy.

Watch this space for nationwide events. If you’re interested to learn more email catherine.royal@funnywomen.com.

Time of the Month – Dublin