Grá & Eagla

Grá & Eagla is a short documentary examining Irish people’s attitudes towards our native language. It explores why it is that the majority of Irish people feel positive about Irish, yet don’t find a way to speak it in their own lives. The story follows comedian Áine Gallagher as she prepares material for her bi-lingual stand-up comedy shows, continues her journey to speak Irish confidently and faces her own insecurities head on. The film offers fresh insight into what it means to be an Irish-speaker in modern Ireland and aims to provide encouragement to future Irish speakers.

The next screening of Grá & Eagla will be in Luxembourg at the British and Irish Film Season on Thursday the 20th of September at 6.30pm in the Cinématheque.

This documentary was funded by Galway Film Centre’s ‘Dig Where You Stand’. A scheme to provide opportunities and develop skills for new documentary and film makers.

The Postcard

Áine Gallagher stars in this award winning short film, The Postcard. Join Lucky as she ventures on a journey to reestablish herself in the highly esteemed postcard industry.

Director Liza Bolton is delighted to announce that The Postcard will be travelling to London for the St Patrick’s Shorts, Irish Film Festival in London.  The film has also been screened at The Sky Road Film Festival Clifden, Galway Film Fleadh and Capital Irish Film Festival Washington DC.

Making Sense

Making Sense is Áine Gallagher’s acclaimed solo show which was debuted at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2017. This quirky masterpiece sees Áine assume the position of an out of work and unqualified Irish teacher. However, she is not willing to give up and instead has found new methods to share her insights. This is the show that will teach people everything they need to know about normal social interactions, sex appeal and the Irish language. This show is ideal for everyone, no matter what their level of Irish is.

You can see Making Sense at the Kilkenny Cat Laughs Festival on Saturday June 2nd, 2.30pm in Cleere’s.