Comedy and Storytelling Training

As a training facilitator Áine is on a mission to empower others to share their own honest, authentic and fun stories. She believes in the power of authenticity to develop individual confidence, build a sense of social connectedness and promote well being through relatability and laughter. Her teaching focuses on individual’s personal truth, enabling people to have fun in the process and find their own natural way to express themselves.

She works with many organisations including; Berlin Stand Up School, Bright Club Ireland and various third level education bodies with a commitment to public engagement, for example the UCD Public Engagement Community of Practice. Using her experience, knowledge and expertise she has crafted unique training modules, all of which centre on the art of “Finding Your Voice.” The core aims of her training modules and workshops focus on authenticity and the power of being yourself to build your own confidence, connect with others and be funny by being honest.

Her training workshops are customised depending on the participant objectives. Introductory workshops and full module series can be delivered.

To inquire about or to book the workshop “Authentic Storytelling in Research: A Bespoke Workshop” see here for full information.

Please contact [email protected] for further details if interested for yourself or a group you work with.

Previous participants have said:

“This course helped me to understand the value of truth and authenticity as the core of my material. It helped me relax with the “my voice”, knowing it is naturally there, I just need to explore it – which will come with time.”

“Thanks to Aine’s approach of “finding your truth about anything”…I’m just trying things, sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. But it’s always just fun…now I’m actually believing again that comedy is for me :)”

“Thanks to the course, I really got more confident about my material”


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