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GRÁ & EAGLA – Award Winning Short Documentary

The 15 minute documentary “Grá & Eagla” explores the story of why many Irish people are interested in the Irish language, yet are scared to speak it. It follows Áine on her journey to perform bilingual comedy at the Edinburgh Fringe and to overcome her own insecurities when speaking Irish.

The film has screened at more than 30 international film festivals and has won three awards including; ‘Best Documentary Character Toronto Wildsound Film Festival 2019’, ‘Best International Film’ award at the Culture and Diversity Film Festival California 2018’ and Best International Film – WIF Austin Indie Film Festival 2018.

Tedx Talk: “Speaking a second language, it’s terrifying but wonderful

Watch Áine’s Tedx Talk, originally performed in Dublin in conjunction with Fulbright Ireland. Áine shares stories about the fear and absolute humiliation she experienced in her journey to become an Irish speaker. She likes to focus on her own horror stories, to remind everyone that we all make mistakes! It’s OK, it’s a natural part of language learning, we can all do it and none of us are unique with our struggles. So forget about your apprehensions and throw yourself in.


“Irish Matters” is an online web series starring and co-written by Áine Gallagher and directed by Ruth McNally who is also the co-writer.

It is a fun, tongue in cheek, cutting edge media programme brought to you by Offstream Productions, with host Jane (Áine Gallagher). It investigates issues to do with the Irish language, people and culture, in a way never seen before. Jane, who was accidentally crowned Ireland’s fifth funniest Irish speaking comedian in 2014, works alongside her dysfunctional co-workers at Offstream Productions to bring you the show that will “make Irish great again”. Each episode examines a critical question related to the Irish language, from Jane’s unique point of view.

Episode One: Irish Matters, The Origin Story

Episode Two: Is Irish Useless?

Episode Three: Can Irish be Interesting?