Irish Matters

Áine Gallagher’s new web series, Irish Matters, is now available to view here

Irish Matters is the new cutting edge media programme brought to you by Offstream Productions, with host Jane (Áine Gallagher). It investigates issues to do with the Irish language, people and culture, in a way never seen before. Jane, who was accidentally crowned Ireland’s fifth funniest Irish speaking comedian in 2014, says she’s “looking forward to asking the questions that are on all Irish people’s minds, such as, “how many of us are living with pervert ghosts?”

Tony Thompson ‘Creative Director’ at Offstream Productions

Offstream Productions specialise in reality TV, their first series ‘Dancing with the Stairs’ appeared in 2009. It was broadcast on the Galway City Community Channel with a viewership of over 2,000 people. Offstream Productions Creative Director Tony Thompson (Peter McGann), former building contractor, reported that ‘after this serious success, he knew this couldn’t be a personal pet project anymore…he was now thinking global’, and he employed Róisín Hannon (Pearl O’Rourke) as Head of Production. The company have created four reality TV series since 2009, each achieving equal success.

Róisín Hannon ‘Head of Production’ Offstream Productions