Summer Residency in Little Bird Cafe

Áine is delighted to announce that she will be teaming up with Little Bird Cafe in Portobello as their artist in residence for the Summer period. As part of this residency she will be creating different events to promote the Irish language within the community, bring people together and encourage everyone to use their own cúpla focail with confidence. Events will include;

Monthly Irish Conversation Nights, where people can come and engage in a friendly, fun and welcoming environment to practice their Irish. These evenings will be facilitated by Áine and attendees are guaranteed a wholly unique approach to language learning. Dates include; June 22nd, July 20th, August 17th and September 21st. Register here for June 22nd.

Áine will also be facilitating weekly “cup of focal” sessions, beginning June 27th and will take place each Tuesday from 2pm – 4pm. In these sessions, Áine will be available for people to sit and share a cup of coffee and practice their cúpla focail. If people are unsure about their level of Irish, they don’t need to worry. Áine will be happy to chat to anyone, whether they are fluent or have never heard Irish before but would love to learn a word or two. Simply drop into the cafe during these times to attend. Please also keep up to date on Instagram @aine_gall_her and @littlebirdcoffeeyoga as times may vary occasionally.